Hermes - Cross Floor Moving Robot Platform
Hermes - Cross Floor Moving Robot Platform

Hermes - Cross Floor Moving Robot Platform

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Hermes is a scalable and low-cost robot platform capable of meeting the needs of small-to medium-sized robot application development in areas such as smart patrol robots, container transportation robots, hotel delivery robots, food delivery robots, and more.





  • Integrated elevator control and cross-floor delivery

  • Laser vision and high intelligence

  • Smart body; ramps climbing and gaps passing

  • Rich port options and high scalability




Hermes robot platform features a built-in proprietary SLAMTEC core localization and navigation. Using 360° lidar and 2 depth camera systems, the robots can realize industry-leading autonomous movement and stable localization and navigation functionality specifically optimized for commercial service scenarios such as smart delivery, disinfection, and patrol.


Hermes provides the innovative Smart Elevator 3.0 solution, which allows elevator self-riding and obstacle avoidance in cross-floor buildings. SLAMTEC also provides one – stop services of elevator control system installation and on-site services to help developers quickly verify and realize the deployment of robot applications.


  • Cross-Floor Moving Solution, Smart Delivery


Hermes is equipped with SLAMTEC’s proprietary cross-floor moving solution, which is capable of automatically swapping between different floor maps. The robot provides cross-floor path-finding and obstacle avoidance functionality to realize smart delivery for commercial scenarios such as hotels, restaurants, buildings, and commercial centers.


  • Smart Elevator Control for Self-Ride Elevators


 Hermes supports the integration of SLAMTEC’s smart elevator control solution with most elevators on the market. Hermes can monitor elevator statuses in real time, supports multiple elevator call modes, and realizes smart robot calling and self-riding.


  •  Multiple Depth Cameras for Blind Spot-Free Path-Finding


Hermes is supported by lidar navigation and equipped with multiple depth camera sensors, 360° full range navigation and obstacle avoidance, zero blind spots, with stable and reliable localizing and navigating performance.


  • Dedicated Safety Sensor


To ensure safety in complex and dynamic environments, Hermes provides collision avoidance and boundary sensors to eliminate the collision and falling risks of obstacles such as steps, and bar tables and chairs.


  • Built-In Standalone Scalable Android System, No Hardware Required


The built-in scalable Android system of Hermes helps save costs as it does not require additional hardware or computing resources.


  • Highly Reliable Path-Finding and Strong Adaptability to Environmental Changes


Hermes uses SLAMTEC’s proprietary localization and navigation system to provide cutting-edge and highly reliable path-finding functionality. Hermes is capable to work correctly in many complex environments, such as heavily changing environment (ex. changing rate up to 60%), and the environment full of active obstacles (ex. people).


  • Super Obstacle Avoidance Functionality


With the superior structural and algorithmic design, Hermes features 20° ramp passing capability with excellent performance, even on thick carpet surfaces. The ability of Hermes to avoid an obstacle up to 20 mm in height makes it adaptable to a variety of scenarios.


  • Simple Deployment, Easy O&M, and One-Stop Service Installation and On-site Configuration


Built on SLAMTEC’s autonomous localization and navigation solution, Hermes does not require scenario-based adjustment or QR code navigation. SLAMTEC provides users of the Hermes with professional backend cloud services, and installation and on-site configuration scenarios for smart elevator control hardware. SLAMTEC’s professional technicians provide on-site, one-stop, zero-deployment, simple O&M, and worry-free services.


  • Cloud Layer Multi-Robot Collaboration + Multi-Point Delivery Support


Hermes supports local area network (LAN) and cloud platform collaborative operations, along with the dynamic adjustment of both speed and delivery routes in accordance with the environment to realize efficient, safe, and reliable multi-point delivery.


  • Other Hermes Features


  Rich port options and high scalability


  Windows/Linux/Android/iOS Platform Development Supported


  No Network Restrictions


  Autonomous Recharging


  5G Dual-Band Wi-Fi


  Remote Cloud Management



Product Specifications
Name Hermes
Core Features Integrated Elevator Control for Autonomous Self-Riding
Moving Tasks for Cross-Floor Buildings
SLAM Localization and Navigation
Item Index Value
Mass and Volume Length x Width 545 x 465 mm
Height 272 mm (excludes controller)
Weight 40 kg (excludes controller)
Max Load 60 kg
Sensor Performance Parameters Lidar Sensor Max Scan Radius 25 m (Standard), 360°
(90% Reflective Rate) 30 m (Optional), 360°
Depth Camera Sensor Quantity 2 units
Detection Range 0.2m-10m
Field of View (FOV) H: 135° V: 58°
Boundary Sensor Quantity 2 units
Min Detection Range 1 cm
Bumper Sensor Quantity 2 units
Trigger Method Physical Collision
Embedded IMU Sensor Robot Status Detection
Mapping Performance Map Resolution 5 cm
Max Mapping Area 500 x 500 m
Motion Parameters Max Move Speed 1.5 m/s (Default: 1.2 m/s)
Max Cross Angle 20°
Passing Obstacle Height 2 cm
Passing Obstacle Width 4 cm
Min Pass Range 80 cm
User Port Hardware Port Ethernet 1x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port
Power Supply 25 m (Standard), 360°
30 m (Optional), 360°
Wi-Fi 2 units
4G 0.2m-10m
SIM card slot H: 135°
V: 58°
HDMI 2 units
Audio 1x 3.5mm Headset Socket
1x LINE_MIC Audio Jack (Colay with headset socket)
1x Dual-Channel 5w / 8Ω Amplifier Jack
Type-C Type-C
Standard USB 3.0 Type-C Port
Motion Parameters Capacity Specifications 16Ah (Standard)
25Ah (Optional)
No-Load Operating Time 7.5h (16Ah)
11.5h (25Ah)
Charging Time 3h-4h
Power Dissipation in Stand-By Time 24W
Battery Life 600 complete charge and discharge cycles before 60% capacity reduction.
Charging Station 25.5V 6A
Operating Environment Operating Temperature ’-10℃ to +50℃
Operating Humidity 0%rh to 90%rh (no condensation)

Hermes Schematic Diagram

Application Scenarios


  • Hotel Delivery
  • Restaurant Delivery
  • Building Delivery
  • Commercial Patrol
  • Hospital Disinfection
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Airport Reception

Part List

Hermes-Cross-Floor Moving Robot Platform




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